SEO & Social

We drive relevant, eager traffic to your website through both organic and paid search marketing and a finely tuned social media strategy. Our search marketing dramatically improves our clients’ search rankings and the quality of incoming leads—while our social media recommendations and detailed content calendars establish voice and tone and allow clients to form connections with customers, which boosts their transparency in the industry.

OrganicPaid AdvertisingSocial Strategy

Our accurately targeted, custom-tailored organic optimization solutions focus on ethical, white-hat SEO principles to significantly increase the efficiency of your website and excel within your industry’s competitive landscape. We go well beyond page/keyword indexing and ranking optimization by creating actionable, long-term strategies based on data gathered through constant monitoring and testing in order to reach your target audience more effectively and more often.


Search Compliance

We complete a 100+-point checklist to identify all shortcomings and opportunities to improve your website SEO performance in search engines. This is an essential first step to successful online competition.

Keyword Discovery

We begin our keyword research process by identifying top keywords in your industry derived from our discovery meeting, competitor websites, and keyword tools. We then research the competitive landscape using selected keywords to identify the types of content ranking on search result pages.

On-page Meta Data

Using your newly discovered keyword sets we’ll optimize specific elements of your website that search engines use to identify the topic of your web pages. This can include schemas, Open Graph, and Twitter cards, as well as writing compelling content for your title and description tags.


Using web crawlers we’ll analyze backlinks from millions of relevant websites and generate a list of the most powerful sites you should target for quality backlinks. Additionally, we’ll analyze your current backlink portfolio to identify any harmful or low-quality links that need to be removed.

Local Search

Local business listings such as Google+ Business and Bing Local are crucial in generating local leads for small to medium businesses. They also rank extremely well when set up correctly. We will fully optimize your local pages and provide strategies to increase positive reviews and improve your visibility.

Reporting & Analytics

We’ll set up advanced conversion tracking on your website for monitoring the success of your sales funnel. We will analyze goals and metrics on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to identify new opportunities and to be certain we are meeting your expectations.

Paid advertising for generating leads on Google or Bing may be the best solution to quickly attract new business, especially if you’re in a competitive market or getting a late start on your SEO efforts. When setting up your pay-per-click (ppc) campaign, we’ll examine both desktop and mobile ads to ensure you’re targeting your audience wherever they are. Tactics may include display/banner advertising, ad extensions, phone call tracking, remarking (retargeting), and even Facebook or Twitter advertising.


Google, Bing and Yahoo

Since Google controls over 80% of the market share we tend to focus our efforts where the masses are: Google AdWords. However, we are aware that different audiences have different habits, so we also provide ppc services using Bing Ads, which covers both Yahoo and Bing networks.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook allows businesses to pinpoint their audiences much more precisely than Google or Bing. This is something we call micro-psychographic targeting. By specifying specific persona, demographic, psychographic, and geographic details, you can display your ads to a laser-focused group of people, resulting in better quality leads for your business.

Retargeting / Remarketing

Ever visit a website and then continue to see their ads for weeks after? This is remarking, and it’s a form of advertising that places a cookie on the searcher’s computer so that your ad can follow a person around the web and continue to promote your message to a person who’s already shown interest in your product or service.

Develop your company’s brand awareness, online visibility, and authority in your industry with AF Services’s meticulous social media strategies, which are built on your unique industry objectives and long-term goals. Through our proprietary competitive analysis, we identify deficiencies to address along with strategies for competing within your specific niche market. From there, we’re able to target, compel, and drive action through persona-driven engagement with your ideal audience.

Establish Goals

We audit Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that your social strategy is pushing your business toward increased sales, improved public perception, and enhanced brand awareness—and to determine if social media is the right fit for your business.

Identify & Connect

We will work with you to establish the online voice, tone, and message that best supports your brand’s identity. By targeting your buyers’ unique personas at different stages of the buying cycle, we’ll be able to identify the most appropriate social media channels and engagement levels to get their attention.


When it comes to social media, targeted engagement using persona-driven strategies will yield the best use of time and money. Using a variety of online tools and company specific research, we’ll create a detailed social calendar to ensure a consistent and focused approach throughout your entire campaign.


A solid social media campaign operates alongside other marketing initiatives. We create comprehensive plans that integrate your social campaigns to support all other online and offline marketing goals within your company.


We’re obsessed with data. We continually monitor the effects of your social campaign and keep you updated on the expansion of your network, whom is talking about your brand, which social channels are bringing you the most conversions, and so much more. This data helps refine our social strategy and creates a system that is constantly improving based on actionable analytical data.