Update your site, or create new marketing channels. Ultimately, the incentive for users to visit your site is content. Creating content that appeals to your key verticals is crucial to the success of your online marketing. Content marketing can take many forms, from a small infographic to a 100-page resource area on your website. Regardless of application, we follow the same process.

Content MarketingContent Creation

High quality, helpful, and compelling content on your site sparks consumer interest, demonstrates your company’s authority in the industry, and improves your results in search engines. Our content strategists audit, classify, research, develop, and create content that speaks to targeted personas, drives conversions, and exceeds your key business objectives.

 Content Audit

To begin, we analyze your website and classify content based on where it falls within the buying cycle, its emotional appeal, and whether it’s speaking to your targeted buying personas (determined during our market research). Using this information, we can identify areas that need improvement and recommend edits, rewrites, or additional content creation from scratch.

Content Marketing Matrix

Competitor Content Analysis

We can help you establish a baseline content profile for your competitors. This process is similar to the content audit—we tag and classify your competitors’ content based on where it falls within the buying cycle, its emotional appeal, and whether it’s successfully speaking to targeted personas. Performing this analysis allows us to recommend a detailed content strategy plan that capitalizes on your competitors’ weaknesses and parodies their strengths—allowing you to trump them at every turn.

Content Campaigns and Calendars

Based on our recommendations, gathered through market research and content analysis, we create detailed content dispersal calendars. Following a routine schedule of publishing relevant, compelling content is beneficial to your customers and helps improve your Google search results, which favor fresh and original content.

We’re not merely planners—we’re doers. Our designers, writers, developers, and marketers can turn content recommendations into reality and put a plan into action. AF Services is experienced at creating more than 40 types of original content for clients—from tutorial videos and infographics to quizzes, feature articles, and step-by step guides.


It’s a revolution

We’re in the midst of a content revolution. Hashtag campaigns have become as compelling as slogans, and a new follower is as precious as a fresh lead is. In fact, as of last year, nearly 90 percent of organizations are now marketing with content—going beyond traditional sales pitches by publishing relevant information, ideas, and entertainment that customers will value. Brand publishing allows companies to react in real time, provide increased transparency to customers, and strengthen brand identity at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional marketing.

Valuable content in exchange for brand loyalty

Seventy percent of people would rather learn about a company via an article than an ad according to the Content Marketing Institute. Our writers and designers have an ear for the story. They are able to synthesize client information and insight, capture a reader’s attention, and uphold a critical editorial standard. As a result, your company is no longer only peddling a product or solutions; you’re unearthing and distributing useful information in exchange for traffic, readership, and brand loyalty.