Company Formation & Secretarial

Time is precious – you want to make the best use of it and just get on with running your business. However, meeting statutory obligations and complying with the Companies Act requirements & deadlines is likewise essential.

At AF Services, we have developed a company secretarial service to free up your valuable time. By taking over routine statutory tasks, we can give you assurance that you are complying with your obligations – both accurately and on time.

Our secretarial services include:

  • Formation of Companies;
  • Filing of statutory documents abridged accounts, full set of financial statements, annual return etc) accurately and on time;
  • Maintaining your statutory records;
  • Preparing the minutes and resolutions of your General Meetings;
  • Dealing with appointments and resignations of officers;
  • Assistance with the opening of bank accounts;
  • Company name search;
  • General search of a company’s basic structure; and
  • Document searches – company latest accounts and annual return.
Our company formation services comprise the preparation and submission of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, registration for Income Tax and VAT (if necessary) and opening of a bank account with a Maltese bank.The share capital of a new company may be denominated in any foreign currency and not necessarily Euro (€).  There is a minimum capital requirement amounting to €1,160 in private companies with only 20% of the issued share capital necessary to be paid up.  Given that at the time of company formation, the company would still not have a bank account, the share capital must be remitted to a “company in formation” bank account with a local bank.

Payroll is becoming more complex given the continuously evolving income tax, social security and labour law provisions.  AF Services offers an efficient and effective means by which a business’ payroll needs are fulfilled.Besides being highly cost effective, outsourcing your payroll function ensures high levels of confidentiality, especially with respect to executive remunerations, as well as offering the following benefits:

  • provides assurance that payroll requirements are properly fulfilled as these will be performed by qualified, experienced staff;
  • accurate and timely payroll financial information could be produced for periodic and annual accounts; and
  • avoids the need to invest in acquiring and maintaining specialised payroll software.

By assisting you with your payroll needs we do not only provide you with sealed, ready-to-post payslips, but rather our list of payroll-related services is exhaustive and includes:

  • dealing with all starters, leavers, deduction and changes;
  • production of reports as required, sent to you by post and/or electronically;
  • dealing with and submitting tax forms such as FS3, FS4, FS5 and FS7;
  • dealing with any queries you or your staff may have such as marriage and maternity leave entitlement and implications, mothers returning to work etc.